Suggestions for feminist listening: F Come team’s favourite podcasts


By Giulia Nicolini, Chiara De Santis and Francesca Di Nuzzo
Podcasts have become the soundtrack to many a commuter’s ride to work – be it a little comedy on the Tube, some nuanced political commentary in the car, or a quick dosage of fiction on foot. They are also perfect for killing time on airplanes and trains, for summer travellers who like to keep themselves entertained. And the F Come team are no exception; podcasts are a free and accessible way to explore and expand our interests in feminism, gender, race, class, sexuality, disability, food, politics… It is therefore a pleasure to share with our readers the following list of suggestions from our own virtual libraries, which we hope will allow you to do the same.


Racist Sandwich

Broadcasting out of Portland, Oregon in the US, Zahir Janmohamed and Soleil Ho are looking at the politics of food through an interdisciplinary lens, and asking how gender, class and race intersect with food. Tune in for insight and critical commentary on what it means to produce and consume food as a non-white person in North America.


Kicking the Kyriarchy

Privilege is not an easy topic to tackle, but this is exactly what Kicking the Kyriarchy try to do in each episode, with the aid of their bright young guests. This intersectional feminist podcast is all about exploring and critiquing the forms that oppression takes beyond just gender identity – you’ll find meaningful discussions on everything from diversity in academic curriculums, to mental health, to beauty and clothing.


The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is a painfully comic diary of the hypocrisies and insecurities of modern feminism. Light-hearted in tone but at times rather serious in its content, the podcast addresses issues of intersectionality, power and mental health, featuring the contribution of carefully selected guest speakers and hosts.


Women of the Hour

This is Lena Dunham's podcast. To many she is controversial, but this podcast is funny, witty and poignant. She talks about love, friendship, health, bodies, work and feminism with her typically brilliant voice. It will be impossible not to enjoy listening to her and her guests.


Senza Rossetto nella Cabina Elettorale

This Italian podcast started last year for the anniversary of the first Italian election in which women were allowed to vote. The name is inspired by a headline from the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera at that time, and means "without lipstick in the polling booth". Every week a female writer narrates an original story about Italian women of that time, their issues, their struggles and their feelings. The second series has just started airing. It could also be a great way for non-native speakers to practice Italian.




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