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What will it take to cause a shift in how violence against women is reported in Italy?

By GIULIA NICOLINI. The out-dated nature of the mass media in Italy is among the country’s least well-kept secrets. But for a brief moment, it looked as if negative attention from the international press might finally provoke some much-needed change. In the midst of reporting on the seemingly endless stream of accusations against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein last month, some news outlets also commented on how differently Weinstein’s victims were being treated around the world. In particular, the actress Asia Argento, one of the first survivors to break her silence, was said to have felt ‘doubly crucified’ following the response of some of the Italian media, who questioned her allegations, accused her making the claim only to seek attention, and blamed her for Weinstein’s behaviour.
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F Come’s Birthday Wishes

In June 2017 F Come turned one year old. Here we are, after 365 days full of articles, posts, campaigns and women's marches. Feminism feels stronger and more vocal than a year ago, but perhaps even more necessary. It's our birthday, and everyone from the team made a wish for the future. We promise that, in a year's time, we'll be still fighting to make them come true.
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THE INNER GODDESS ACADEMY: where men and women work equally for a better India

By DANIELA DE LUCA. Most people, reading an article about a 21-year-old Indian girl who launched a start-up to promote women’s leadership, which she is now running together with her parents, her brother and her boyfriend, would think it was just a fairytale. This is the power of the story you are about to read. It is possible, it is real and it has a name: The Inner Goddess Academy (TIGA).
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