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F is For.. Feminist Revival

By LILIA GIUGNI. My generation has come across feminism, but sadly not too often. Our meetings have, for the most part, been confined to fleeting, hurried encounters in history books. We are daughters of the 80s, born to an Italy that was more inclined to lick its wounds after decades of convulsive struggling, than to engage in new battles.
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F is for ….freedom from doubt

By ELLEN DAVIS WALKER. In preparation for this article I made the decision to search “women and self-doubt” on Google. This was an unwise choice, for several reasons. Primarily because the first hit was this ‘enlightened’ piece of journalism courtesy of the Daily Mail . Secondly because the documentation of “women’s’ struggle with doubt” is extensive.
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Eyes on the street. Women and insecurity in urban spaces.

By ALEXANDRA ANA. More than fifty years ago, Jane Jacobs wrote 'The Death and Life of Great American Cities', marking probably her most popular contribution to the development of urban studies and changing the way we think today about livable cities, through the concept and theory of 'eyes on the street'.
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